‘News’ is matter of opinion today

We used to be able to count on the news of the day to be presented in a totally objective manner on television. The days of Walter Cronkite reading the evening news on CBS are long gone. Today when we see and listen to the so-called news on television, we don’t know whether we are being given the straight facts or “fake news.”
Let’s take these impeachment hearings being conducted by the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee. It is apparent to everyone the Democrats have been on a mission to remove the president from office ever since he took the oath of office on Inauguration Day. First it was the highly-anticipated Muller report that would prove the Trump Administration colluded with the Russians to get him elected.
We had to endure that dog-and-pony show for two and a half years before the report turned out to be nothing, after Muller and his platoon of Democrat-donor lawyers spent about $30 million. Outlets like CNN and MSNBC had commentators who ginned up nothing but negative news about Trump and were foaming at the mouth in anticipation for the results of the Mueller report that would surely bring this president down.
The more conservative FOX News reporters and commentators were much more supportive of the president while the Mueller report was in the making and even accused the Hillary Clinton camp of doing exactly what Trump was being accused of. They said she and the Democrat National Committee actually were responsible for all the false Russia narrative being spread about Trump and his adminstration.
When all of what Trump was being accused of was debunked by the Mueller report, suddenly there was a “whistleblower” or leaker who had second-hand information about alleged inappropriate things said by Trump in a phone conversation with the newly-elected president of Ukraine. When this accusation came out CNN, and MSNBC, along with their Democrat cohorts said this was an impeachable act and impeachment hearings were scheduled in the House and are still ongoing.
Republicans and some on FOX News were much more suspicious of these charges and maintained the president’s conversation did not rise to the level of an impeachable offense. First it was a quid pro quo where the president’s critics and his accused anonymous leaker said Trump was withholding aid to Ukraine until an investigation was launched into Joe and Hunter Bidens’ dealings with a Ukrainian energy company. When this didn’t float, the impeachment committee switched to bribery charges, which also are not catching traction with Americans.
It has become painfully apparent that so-called news organizations like CNN and MSNBC are out to get rid of the president and will use any means to accomplish this goal, including wild speculation and blatant lies. Walter Cronkite would be turning over in his grave if he could see what is going on today in the broadcast media. We all have to wade through the “news” today and try to separate the facts from conjecture and opinion, which is becoming a real challenge.
It’s a shame broadcast “journalism” has sunk to this level in our country. One thing is certain. Americans are already tired of this impeachment charade. After this fails, what will the Democrats think of next? And we are only 11 months until another presidential election! Think about that for a minute.

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