City writes down ‘unwritten rules’ regarding parades

Jason Ferguson
The days of class reunion floats peppering onlookers with water during the Gold Discovery Days parade are over, under a resolution passed by the Custer City Council at its Sept. 3 meeting.
The council approved Resolution 09-03-19A, putting down six stipulations to be incorporated into a parade request form, which governs all parades through town, be it July 4, Gold Discovery Days or homecoming.
The third stipulation reads, “Participants shall not spray liquids at the crowd.” The stipulation does not address parade viewers spraying liquids toward parade floats and/or participants.
Another big change in future parades will be how candy is passed out along the route. The second stipulation of the rules states no candy, prizes, promotional items, etc., are allowed to be thrown from any parade float or vehicle. Rather, they have to be handed out to the crowd by someone walking near the float, with enough distance between the float and onlookers so those watching the parade do not have to enter the roadway to retrieve them.
Alderwoman Jeannie Fischer said the rule is not about taking away candy during the parade, but rather, ensuring the safety of those in the parade and those watching the parade.
“There are serious safety issues with kids running into the street for candy,” she said.
Other stipulations include prohibiting consumption of drugs and alcohol along the parade route and participants with horses and animals providing personnel to perform immediate excrement removal. In addition, each parade participating group must be responsible for not only their own safety, but “must also take precautions to ensure the safety of their float, participants and the public audience around them.”
Finally, the resolution states vehicle drivers are solely responsible for the safe operation of their vehicle and that each float/truck driver must hold a valid driver’s license and must have valid auto liability coverage.
Some on the council indiciated the city council is merely putting to paper unwritten rules that were supposed to have been followed for years.

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