Letter on Ravnsborg is damning info

That is the word that best describes some of the words and actions of South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg during and after he struck and killed Joe Boever on a South Dakota highway Sept. 12, 2020. That’s if you believe the contents of a letter written to the South Dakota House of Representatives speaker Spencer Gosch by Department of Public Safety secretary Craig Price.
In the letter, Price takes to task legislators who seem to be more concerned with how the investigation was handled than with Ravnsborg striking and killing someone with his car because he was driving while distracted. Worse yet, Ravnsborg has refused to resign, despite seemingly 98 percent of state residents and Gov. Kristi Noem wanting him to do so.
If you haven’t done so, you should seek out the letter and read it. It’s easily accessible online. Price goes over many “indisputable conclusions” and facts that were gleaned from crash reconstruction experts, including Ravnsborg having twice verbally indicated he had seen Boever at the time of the impact and again in the aftermath of the crash. Instead of summoning help, Ravnsborg left Boever lying dead in the grass like a piece of roadkill.
According to the letter, investigators testified at the committee hearing that Ravnsborg said. “...I never saw anything until the impact. I immediately jump out of the car and call 911 within seconds.” Another quote given by price (not a direct quote, he points out) was “...and then I TURN AROUND and I’m looking into the ditch so I don’t know exactly where I turned around and saw him. I-I didn’t see him. I did not see him.”
If you’re reading between the lines, Ravnsborg knew he hit Boever and probably knew he killed him. “These admissions drew investigators to the conclusion that AG Ravnsborg had, in fact, seen Boever on the night of the crash,” Price wrote. Ravnsborg claims he didn’t see Boever that night. If were are to believe investigators, who have no dog in the fight, Ravnsborg lied.
Perhaps even worse, in a text exchange with an advisor, the advisor apparently said that at least Boever was a Democrat. Talk bout callous.
The letter paints Ravnsborg and his advisors in a less than flattering light. It just adds credence to the belief that Ravnsborg should resign. He got off with an incredibly light charge and sentence that it’s fair to wonder if a regular Joe would have received the same treatment. To be fair, prosecutors in Hyde County say they charged Ravnsborg as seriously as they could. You can draw your own conclusions. It’s time for the state legislature to do the right thing and impeach Ravnsborg. He should be grateful he took a life without suffering real consequence, and gracefully step out of the limelight and out of the role of the chief law enforcement officer in the state. The public has lost confidence in him. It’s time for him to go.

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