Masterson Method returns to Custer

Peggy Smith, Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP) and Kat Davies, MMCP, just instructed their first Masterson Method Beyond Horse Massage weekend seminar in Custer over Labor Day weekend.
After hosting the weekend course in both 2021 and 2022 with Lise Lunde, MMCP, as the instructor and being her assistants, this was their first foray into being instructors after receiving their instructor training in California this April.
Smith, co-owner of Rockin R Trail Rides,  also provided the facility and the horses for the seminar, so the Rockin R horses received some much appreciated bodywork.
Jim Masterson is the founder of the namesake Masterson Method which is an integrated method of equine bodywork to help the horse release tension in a relaxed state, increase mobility and improve performance. The hallmark of the Masterson Method is that you work with the horse, not on the horse. Students are taught to closely watch the responses of the horse to their touch and “go lighter” if the horse is telling them “no,” and to stay longer and lighter until the horse releases tension with responses such as licking and chewing, yawning, etc.
Smith and Davies both began the Masterson certification journey in 2016 with this same weekend seminar, becoming certified in 2018.  The learning journey includes an advanced five-day seminar, 30 plus case studies with a mentor and interspersed with three coaching weekends before the certification seminar. They were fortunate to have Jim Masterson himself teach their five-day class and their certification weekend. He has since phased out of teaching, focusing on other aspects, including having just released a dog book.
Davies, in addition to being head wrangler for Rockin R, has an equine consulting business where she focuses on helping horse owners problem solve issues with their horses. This includes help with saddle fit, training, communication/connection, etc. The Masterson Method bodywork has become an integral and vital piece of that problem-solving process, enabling Davies to determine if issues are primarily physical which are contributing to the “training” issues.
Smith continues to operate Rockin R Trail Rides, which is now its 21st season in the Custer area including 20 seasons at Heritage Village, with her partner, Randy Knox. This summer is the first season at their new location. With the downsizing of the trail-ride business, Smith plans to spend more time organizing and instructing seminars and possibly putting her physical therapist skills to use helping the riders as well as their horses.
If you are interested in learning more about this technique you can find info and seminars at masterson
Smith and Davies plan to continue instructing the weekend course annually on Labor Day weekend. You may contact them directly for more info and questions. Contact Kat at 605-440-2321 - for equine consulting or go to her website
Smith can be reached at 520-349-6078 or by visiting


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