Migrant busses fuel immigration tension

Fed up with what they say is a broken border policy in the United States, Republican governors in the state of Texas, Florida and now Arizona have taken to “spreading the wealth” of migrants who have poured through the southern border in record numbers this year by taking those immigrants and putting them on busses and planes and sending them off to states and cities that have declared themselves “sanctuary cities” for immigrants, both legal and illegal.
There doesn’t seem to be much information as to whether the immigrants being shipped around are here illegally or if they are legal asylum seekers awaiting their court date. Regardless of their status, the governors of those states apparently feel it is cheaper to spend millions to send them to these other places than take care of them in their home states.
This has caused intense debate about whether what these governors are doing is moral, ethical or even legal. They say it helps shift the burden from their overrun border towns and brings attention to what they claim is a broken southern border policy the Biden Administration has no interest in fixing. Those against it say it is merely a political stunt where these governors are using human beings as a pawn in their political games to score points with their base.
It’s certainly getting attention, and it is sharing the pain of the border crisis (vice president Kamala Harris is taking enormous heat for saying the border is secure) by placing these immigrants in these other states. The busses and planes have been sent to Washington, D.C., Chicago, New York City and even Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.
This strategy probably isn’t going to solve any immigration problems this country has, but it has been very effective in calling attention to the issue. While it is true that most, or not all, of these people trying to get into the United States are escaping horrible situations in their home country, the fact remains that the United States has a system that allows people to try to come to the United States legally. If these migrants are asylum seekers following the law, that’s one thing. If they are trying to gain illegal access, that is a slap in the face to immigrants who get into the country the right way, which can take years and thousands of dollars. And, can the United States realistically take in the entirety of the population of Central and Southern America? The country is teetering on the brink of being broke as it is.
This country was built on immigration, so we certainly aren’t advocating that cease. But it has to be orderly and it has to be under the laws the country has set forth. Our politicians need to quit with the fighting and showmanship when it comes to immigration (and many other issues) and roll up their sleeves and find a better way.
Every other country does it, why can’t we?

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