Is NFL hiring rule a step forward?

The NFL has announced that beginning in the 2022 season it would require all 32 NFL teams to hire a minority offensive assistant coach, part of a series of policy enhancements announced Monday to address the league’s ongoing diversity efforts.
The coach can be “a female or a member of an ethnic or racial minority,” according to the policy adopted by NFL owners during their annual meeting, and will be paid from a league-wide fund. The coach must work closely with the head coach and the offensive staff, with the goal of increasing minority participation in the pool of offensive coaches that eventually produces the most sought-after candidates for head-coaching positions.
But is this new rule a good thing? Diversity is a good thing, of course. There is nothing wrong with the NFL wanting its coaching ranks to be more diverse, whether it is with more black coaches, hispanic coaches, etc. But is it a good idea to force teams to hire these coaches?
It would seem to us that landing a job solely because the company that you joined was forced to hire you wouldn’t be a very good feeling. They didn’t necessarily want you at the company, but they had to bring you aboard or suffer the consequences. That doesn’t engender a great deal of confidence for the boss or the employee. We find it hard to believe that an employee who was forced to be hired would be a valued member of the team. In fact, the opposite may be true. The person might end up being resented.
The NFL is a bottom line business. Coaches, general managers, etc., have to win, or they get fired. Because of that, we find it hard to believe that an owner, general manager, etc., wouldn’t hire a minority if they truly believe that person would help them get to the mountaintop. Look at the massive salaries these players are getting in the hopes they will help a team win. We believe an NFL team would hire a Volkswagon if they thought it would somehow help them get a competitive edge.
It’s true the NFL needs to do a better job of getting minorities in the coaching ranks, but it is something that should done by owners because someone is the best candidate for the job. This is a slippery slope to go down. Will the NFL soon mandate that a female must be allowed to play quarterback?
There’s no doubt NFL coaches give jobs to their friends, relatives, etc. That’s probably true in just about any profession. But by and large, most organizations hire someone because they believe they are going to help them win. That’s the way it should be. Hiring someone isn’t something that should be foisted on any organization. It almost seems like a token gesture, which we believe is insulting to the many well-qualified minorities out there.

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