Out with the old, in with the new

Leslie Silverman
Plans for the new building at McGregor and Main in Hill City were unveiled at the Dec. 6 Hill City Planning and Zoning meeting. 
The 11,950 square-foot building will be two stories with a mezzanine on the upper level. The completed structure will be 33 feet high and will be designed with early 20th century and Italianate elements integrated to “add to the architectural character of Hill City,” according  to P and Z documents. 
The three-story building will be mixed use. The main street level will house two tenants, with one intending to be a restaurant. The upper level will have eight boutique hotel rentals. Six of these will be two bedroom lofts and two will be studios.
“It will be a tremendous asset to Hill City,” said P and Z president Ron Walker. 
The property owner also has plans to demolish the old bank at 296 Main Street. The structure built in 1973 will be demolished using a fleet of trucks. No plans for a new building have been approved yet, but sources say a new two story mixed use building will take its place. A Subway restaurant and coffee shop will be located on the first floor with four vacation rental apartments located on the second story. 
The P and Z Commission approved a conditional use permit for a daycare at 321 Pine Ave. Suite B. The day care request is for seven to 10 children with hours of operation occurring somewhere between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.
A rezoning request from residential to commercial was also approved by the board. The request for 23927 Highway 385 will allow ZRS LLC to construct “up to 12 rental cabins and related common areas” according to the zoning application. The request was approved but will return to residential zoning unless substantial work on the property is completed within 18 months. 
The board had a brief discussion of the new nightly vacation rental ordinance the city will consider. This ordinance was the culmination of numerous public meetings and committee work. 
The ordinance calls for an 8 perent “limitation formula” for non owner occupied residential nightly vacation rentals. The  exact groupings of streets  for this cap will be set forth in a resolution that has not yet been shared with the commission.
 The only change the board discussed was  to the annual review process. Board member Angie Ross wanted to make certain any complaints to city hall would be reviewed in this process. Walker wanted to thank the community for all its input.
“I think it reflects well on all the public input we have received, he said.
Alderman Carl Doaty, Liaison from the Hill City Common Council, gave a heads up to the P and Z board that he is planning on introducing a plan to terminate all existing conditonal use permits when the sale of a property takes place. There will be exceptions to mobile homes as required by law, he said.
Planning and Zoning meets again Dec. 20 at 5:30 p.m.

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