Recent high school grad puts woodworking dream to work

Nathan Steele

Kasen Shefield comes from a long tradition of tradesmen, and it’s a tradition he’d like to continue to carry on. With his new woodworking business, By Faith Woodworks, he’s doing just that.
He learned his craft from his father and grandpa, but also said that he’s been learning as he works, even if that means learning from mistakes.
“It’s always kind of been in the genes,” said Shefield.
The dream continued to move forward when his family spent about three months with his grandmother in 2020. During that time he began his first major project when his grandmother needed an entertainment center, which he ended up building for her. Completing that project is what made him want to pursue woodworking, although he knew from a young age that he wanted to something like it after making a piano bench with his dad.
“I decided this was a dream that I had, but I didn’t know when exactly it would take place,” said Shefield.
In April he received some encouragement from a family friend to show a project at the YMCA. From there, the ball just kept rolling and he generated more interest from others in his work.
“That fast-tracked it to really becoming a reality,” said Shefield. By the beginning of May, he formed his LLC and already received a couple of orders.
Although he is still learning some of the finer points of the trade, one of the most rewarding parts of the business is passing on what he has learned to others. In that way, he wants woodworking to be more than just a way for him to make a living. He hopes that the business will help him to be a blessing to others by seeing how they beam with excitement at seeing their vision come to life or by teaching others what he knows.
“There’s something about making something from nothing and having that pride in it. I want other people to be able to feel that,” said Shefield.
Pride in his own work isn’t all that matters. Of course, he also likes when his customers are satisfied with his projects.
“I love the look on people’s faces when you take an idea that they had and you put into reality,” said Shefield.
Another thing Shefield finds rewarding about his work is to see his growth from where he started—growth made possible by the encouragement and support by those around him.
“The support of people around me—that’s been awesome,” said Shefield.
Right now, he works out of space in his parents’ basement, but hopes to soon get a place of his own to work and make it the business his full-time job.
You can view Shefield’s work on Facebook or Instagram at @by_faith_woodworks and contact him at 605-877-2856 or


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