Sheriff’s Log Top 10 for 2020

Seth Thompson

The following is a list of the top items in the Custer County Chronicle’s Sheriff’s Log for 2020, as selected by the staff of the Chronicle. This week we feature numbers 10 through one. The Sheriff’s Log was written by deputy Seth Thompson. In the wild year that was 2020, there were some log entries very fitting of the year that was.
No. 10
“The pants removal heard ‘round the world.”
Wednesday, Aug. 12
6:39 p.m.: A bison gored a female motorcycle rider on Iron Mountain Road in Custer State Park. The rider was transported to the hospital by a Life Flight helicopter and also generated countless memes on social media.
No. 9
“What’s a Sheriff’s Log wrapup without the
Pringle Cows?”
Thursday, Jan. 23
7:44 a.m.: After a long absence, the Pringle Cows put in a roadside appearance near Hwy. 89. Maybe the famous cows have been on a well-deserved vacation.  
No. 8
“Can’t believe this case wasn’t cracked.”
Wednesday, Nov. 25
7:09 p.m.: Deputies checked the Custer area for a person who lived in an unknown location, drove an unknown vehicle and associated with unknown people. As of press time, the person’s fate remained…unknown.
No. 7
“We’ve evolved from
blaming it all on the dog.”
Monday, June 1
The 911 Misdial of the Day: The owner of a phone that contacted the emergency line blamed her horse for dialing the phone. We are still trying to figure out how the horse could operate the tiny phone keypad with its hoof.
No. 6
“We could also use a few more bird cages.”
Friday, Dec. 18
5:37 p.m.: One golden ring was reportedly lost somewhere in Custer. If you find it, drop it off at the office and we’ll find space for it next to the three French hens, two turtle doves and the partridge in a pear tree.
No. 5
“Eating my aunt’s
lasagna made me want to call 911, too.”
Saturday, July 18
The 911 Hang-up of the Day: Parade sounds and general crowd noise came over the emergency line. Someone was heard to remark that the lasagna was ready and then the call ended. It was not clear if this was emergency lasagna or just routine lasagna.
No. 4
“They’d throw gold
bars before they threw
the Charmin.”
Wednesday, April 23
 1:53 p.m.: A house on Desperado Lane was reportedly “egged” by persons unknown. The incident would have likely involved toilet paper before the whole world went crazy.  
No. 3
“That’s perfectly normal in San Francisco.”
Sunday, May 17
2:44 p.m.: A person was reportedly acting “suspicious and bizarre” by barking at other customers in a semi-popular Custer convenience store. The suspicious suspect fled in a vehicle with California plates. Draw your own conclusions.
No. 2
“The year 2020
summed up in one
Sheriff’s Log entry.”
Monday, Nov. 2
12:43 p.m.: While cruising a downtown Custer parking lot looking for the source of a 911 hang-up call, a deputy was forced to stop by an irate motorist who accused the deputy of following him. After checking the motorist’s license and paperwork, the deputy cited the motorist for having expired insurance. After he was released, the motorist proceeded to angrily spin his tires, causing the deputy to stop him again and cite him for exhibition driving. The moral of this story should be obvious.
No. 1
“And everytime he
tells the story the fish guts will get bigger.”
Saturday, Nov. 7
3:10 p.m.: An argument between tourists on a fishing dock at Legion Lake escalated into one participant throwing fish guts at the other. The fish-gut flinger fled the scene and, due to a lack of a good description or a license plate number, he will likely be “the one that got away.”


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